Harpur Hill Residents' Association




Phil Dowell in the Chair with Committee members and other interested residents 

The main business was to discuss the High Peak Local Plan Additional Consultation documents (published December 2013).   Louise had looked at these in detail and gave a breakdown of what she had found and some of the implications.   Some sites in the original consultation document had been taken out of
the preferred options, and a few added. 

Sites identified in the Preferred Options for Harpur Hill are Foxlow Farm (250 houses), the former High Peak College site (105) and Sherbrook (11), giving a total of 366 houses.    There is nothing mentioned about how infrastructure is being dealt with eg highways and school. 

There was a wide-ranging discussion touching on low job availability in the area – did that mean the houses would be for commuters?   Also that development should be within the village and that there should be no greenfield development until brownfield sites had been used.    

Phil to complete the consultation form taking into account the findings of Louise and the comments voiced at the meeting. Deadline - 10th February 2014. 

The planning application for the Foxlow Farm development (Hallam) had been withdrawn but was expected to be re-submitted within the next few weeks. Concerns were expressed about access onto the A515. Pam to make a Freedom of Information request to DCC about the provision of a roundabout.  Concerns about congestion of both A515 and Harpur Hill Road, also leading to problems at London Road lights. Hallam have considered building on the college site but rejected this. The groundworks would be too expensive.    They are not prepared to speak to the University. Phil to see if Hallam will tell him what they are doing about the land formerly designated for Employment – how will that affect their application?  

Suggested that there be a campaign in March to get affected residents involved – a newssheet possibly alerting residents and an invitation to a meeting.  Also information about accessing the application on-line.   Mandy to post on Facebook – encouraging residents to start talking about the proposed Foxlow development. Louise offered to produce a newssheet if information provided. 

Linda to enquire of Paula and Sandra whether they need help in completing the imputting of data from the questionaires.   The results of the survey are needed urgently.



Minutes of an Ordinary Meeting held on 29th January 2014

Ken Greenway in the chair

1 Minutes
The Minutes of the meeting 26th November 2013 were circulated.   Matters arising – Blue Lagoon –meetings with the various agencies have not been taking place, but it is understood that they are waiting to meet with the legal representative of the landowner.  Although the summer of 2013 was much quieter, residents need to monitor the situation.  Need to press for the continuing dyeing of the water.   

2 Congratulations
Ken congratulated the Association on achievements during the last few months the questionaire and the processing of the responses , the Christmas Dinner for senior citizens,  Friends of Harpur – obtaining a £500 grant, Planning application Dolby Road/Heathfield – a successful campaign against this development,  Being invited to meet with the Planning Minister,  Blue Lagoon – continuing to put the pressure on the various agencies.

3 Housing and Planning issues
The Borough Planning Committee met on 20th January and voted unanimously to refuse the Dolby Road/Heathfield application.   Peter and Elaine were thanked for their work.  At the meeting Phil had
spoken as had Cllrs Keith Savage and Lynn Stone.     

The Foxlow application has been withdrawn by the developers and is likely to be resubmitted towards the
end of March.  Pam has registered the Association's interest in speaking at the Planning Committee when the application is before them. 
Ken thanked everyone involved.  It was noted that not all adjoining properties had been notified by letter, although there were posters on the streets. Those affected were advised to contact the planners if they have any concerns.    

4 Meeting with Nick Bowles MP, Minister for Planning
This meeting is taking  place  in Chapel together with Parish Councils affected - 31st January.  
Phil and Ken attending.  Matters to raise – use of brownfield site first at Harpur Hill;  and how exposed is Harpur Hill with no Local Plan in place?   Ken also wished to ask how housing can ever meet demand if the country keeps allowing in so
many migrants.

5New Local Plan
Currently in the consultation period, and consultation questionaires are available from the Borough Council website and Town Hall. There is nothing to stop any individual submitting their views.      A Committee meeting (with any interested residents) to be held at the Hoffman Bar on Wednesday 5th February to discuss the Association's response.

Ideas for fund raising  needed.    Another Social Evening on 7th March is suggested.  Also applying to
Councillors for a contribution towards something specific eg a newsletter

7 Communication
Need to improve communication .    Suggested – a simple newsletter which might include village events and small adverts. Also more use of email to contact interested residents.

8 Next Ordinary Meeting
Wednesday 26th February 7.30 pm Hoffman Bar.


Present Phil Dowell. Colin Boynton. Frank Matheson. Elaine Ratcliffe. Louise Brearley Mr. Brearley. Peter Sloane. Linda

The minutes of the previous were read and approved.

Query regarding letters being sent out to those affected by the Foxlow Park development. Can we find out if anyone has had them?

Treasurer reported we have funds of £2157.54

We have received a letter from Andrew Bingham regarding the visit of Nick Boles at Rems in Chapel en le Frith on the 31st January. We can send 3 people and only general issues can be discussed. Phil Dowell & Ken Greenway to go. Linda Grooby will go if no one else can go.

We have received confirmation of the timings for the local plan. The latest date to comment is the 10th February.

The Foxlow development has been withdrawn. Peter to E mail Hallam developments to try to find out why. 

Housing committee to remain dormant for now.

The Dolby Road development is recommended for refusal. 

Social night to be arranged. Suggested date is 07th March at The Hoffman bar. Family Quiz and Bingo. Food to be arranged.

Invite a representative from The University of Derby to a meeting to be held at The Methodist Church Hall to speak about the derelict site at Harpur Hill. Phill to contact the University.

Updates for the website to be sent to Linda Grooby to forward on to Steve to avoid duplications and confusions.

Phil to do a further check into names which may be missing from the Harpur Hill war memorial.

It is ciritical to ensure communications remain open with all members.

Add the subject of bikers in the quarry to the agenda for the main meeting.


Minutes of an Ordinary
Meeting held on 26th November 2013

1. Apologies
Ken, Mandy, Lynn, Paul

2. Minutes
Phil reported that minutes had not been taken on 29th October 2013, but
the majority of the meeting had been taken up with Mike Green, HPBC Planning
Officer addressing the meeting and taking questions.    At the end of the meeting Ken Greenway
formally handed over chairmanship of the meeting to Phil Dowell.

3. Update by Chair
Phil explained that a number of people had requested that the monthly meeting be moved from a Tuesday.  It was agreed that monthly meetings be held on the last Wednesday in the month as from January 2014.

Where there was sufficient business, Phil proposed having a break during the meeting
for people to socialise.
He also proposed keeping paper and printing costs down by posting the minutes of the meeting on the website, and also sending them out by email.  This would be done prior to the next meeting, but the minutes would be subject to approval by the meeting.   A data base of email addresses is being compiled. 
Visit by Nick Boles MP – Andrew Bingham MP hoped to arrange this in the New Year.

4. Housing and Planning issues
Peter updated on the situation regarding the planning applications for development at Dolby Road/Heathfield Nook and Foxlow Farm. These applications are due to be heard by HPBC on 20th January.  
The deadlines for comments on the applications is –
Foxlow Farm – 12th December
Dolby Road/Heathfield Nook – 24th December
Phil to confirm these dates after speaking with Mike Green.    No notices regarding the Foxlow application had yet been posted. 
Letters have been prepared by HHRA for both applications to enable residents to make comments.  Additional comments can be added by those sending them in.  Letters were given out at the open meeting on 21st November, and they should be on the website shortly for people to download.     Those present were invited to take spare letters to neighbours and friends who would complete them – but not just to push them through letter boxes.     

5. Survey
Paula and Sandra reported that imputting of information was still proceeding, but they hope to have finished this and done the analysis by 8th December.  Issues that were emerging were traffic, parking on the highway, dog fouling, housing for over 50’s, cycle route into Buxton.    A lot of people did not know about the MUGA.  Better signage for Harpur Hill was requested.  A lot said they did not use the buses.

6. Residents’ Association
Phil asked for ideas on how the profile of the Association can be raised, and how to encourage more people to attend meetings.     People know about the meetings through the press, leaflet drops and High Peak Radio, but do not attend.   Over the years the most interest has been generated by housing development and the blue lagoon.   Social events might attract more, and there would be an open social evening on Friday 27th December, Committee to arrange.

7. Next Ordinary Meeting
Wednesday, 29th January 2014 7.30 pm Hoffman Bar


Minutes of an Ordinary
Meeting held on 27th August 2013

1. Apologies
Peter Sloan, Paul Gabbitas
and Dorothy Martin

2. Minutes
The minutes of 30th July were circulated and accepted. Noted that in item 3, ‘National Plan
Performance Framework’ should read ‘National Plan Policy Framework’.

3. Introduction by Chairman
1.  Ken Greenway reminded everyone of the aims of the Association.  The Association can contribute to debate on an issue where there is consensus of opinion. With housing there are varying views, but generally the following are agreed brownfield sites to be developed before greenfield new housing is needed but not to swamp Harpur Hill
housing for local people is needed infrastructure must be upgraded before more development
2.  He recommended that Committee meetings be called on a regular basis to pick up on the minutes, fix agendas, deal with the website, facebook and local press, to arrange social events and fund-raising, to develop future policy and strategy (to be put to monthly meeting)and to give a quick response between meetings.  This was agreed

4. Harpur Homes
Mr Rose of Harpur Homes with the permission of the meeting reported back on the recent consultation and comments from the exhibition.  The main points raised which the developers hope to address - to ensure any development brings real and lasting benefit to the community take account of present and future demands for housing housing to be for those who want to continue to live in Harpur Hill and those who want to move in must create a typically rural development keep development below the 350 metre contour line incorporate community spaces make a financial contribution toward bus service and schools provide any necessary highway developments for safety link into new cycleway siting of housing towards the sun wherever possible.
The planning application is likely to be submitted in mid-Autumn.
Mr Rose took questions which included other developments that Mr Robinson and Mr Rose had been involved in, and the future of the toboggan run.

5. Survey
Sandra, Paula and a small team have worked on the questionnaire which is more or less finalised. The survey will be anonymous except for
the postcode.  Delivery to be in early September, and more  peoplerequired to help with this. After discussion agreed that completed
questionnaires be delivered to a central point (s) and a telephone number to be given to ring for someone to collect. Suggested that children be involved with answering questions through school.

6. Visit to be arranged by MP
If it is possible for Andrew Bingham to arrange a meeting with the Local Government Minister, the Association’s main question will be about how localism can work for Harpur Hill.  The format for the meeting was agreed.

7. Planning Procedures
Ken outlined the procedure after a planning application is submitted to HPBC.    HP Planning will consult with other departments/consultees.   Individually it will be possible to view plans at the Town Hall and submit comments.   At the Development Control Committee a limited number of people will be given the opportunity to speak for 3 mins.
At various stages the Association needs to meet and formulate a joint decision.    In due course, a general meeting for residents to come along and relevant speakers to be invited.

8. s106 Monies
The monies from Templemore are £20,000 and there are five years in which they can be spent. An area for older children in Harpur Hill is needed eg a ball park.   Ken to speak with Dean Dewhurst regarding use of land at the College site for sport.

9. Ward boundaries
Agreed that the Associations’s response be that the same number of councillors be retained and ward boundaries be adjusted where necessary.

10. Publicity Officer
Colin Boynton has resigned as Publicity Officer and was thanked for his contributions.    Peter Sloan appointed.

11. Website
Steve Blythman has set up the website but needs more material. 
The committee to provide information such as history of the Association.

12. Library Service
The Library Service Home Service has a few vacancies.

13. War Memorial
Mary Buteux reported that HPBC will be repairing the War Memorial before Remembrance Sunday. They would hope to rebuild the pillars
next year.  Peter Western said that there were four names to be added to the Memorial – these were listed in the Hoffman Bar

14. Summer Club and Youth Club
Pam Reddy said there had been a successful Summer Club.   She
had also obtained sufficient grants to start the Youth Club up in September.  She was thanked for her work.

Next meeting 
Tuesday 24th September at 7.30 pm



Minutes of an Ordinary Meeting held on 30th July 2013 



Cllr Caitlin Bisknell






The minutes of 25th June were circulated






Ken introduced this item and read extracts from letters send between MP’s Andrew Bingham and Nick Bowles regarding development matters.     He thanked Andrew Bingham for his speech in the House of Commons recently where the situation in Harpur Hill was highlighted.       Andrew Bingham  said that speaking at the debate on 17th July was curtailed because of time, but hoped that a longer debate could be held in the Autumn.   He then spoke about the National Planning Performance Framework (NPPF) and took questions from the meeting.    

Questions raised by residents included the impartiality of planning Inspectors dealing with appeals;   the speed at which development takes place once planning permission has been given;     whether permissions already granted are taken into account when further planning applications are considered;   sustainability;   S106 agreements;   the number of houses decided for High Peak;   brownfield/greenfield sites;   the lack of a Local Plan;   the danger of land being sold in small parcels and the local community missing out on eg play areas;   the criteria used when considering planning applications.     

Andrew Bingham hoped to invite Nick Bowles to visit High Peak, and said he would liaise with Ken if a visit to Harpur Hill could be arranged.

Any further questions can be emailed to him.


After Andrew Bingham left, questions were asked of Borough Councillors Keith Savage and Lyn Stone about the lack of a Local Plan.  This was leaving High Peak vulnerable to unwanted development.      Keith said that it was necessary for the Local Plan to be right or it would be rejected by the Government.       The Government may be expecting 400 houses a year to be built in High Peak, but HPBC is aiming for 270 a year over the next 15 years.   In order for the Local Plan to be accepted a case has to be made for the lower number and more time is needed to do this work.  Also  consultation with adjoining authorities now has to take place.  


When objections are being considered to proposed development, sustainability is a key consideration.  A definition of sustainability can be found on the NPPF website.    


A question was asked about the number of houses empty/awaiting sale which suggested more housing is not necessary.   






Sandra on behalf of the sub committee spoke about the questionnaire that had been circulated.       The meeting agreed that the survey should not be undertaken until after the summer holidays.    Volunteers are needed to distribute questionnaires and collect them in.   Agreed not to include Central Drive area.         Comments on the questionnaire to be sent to the Secretary – linda.grooby@btinternet.com   or to Ken on 77438 by mid August.      





S106 monies

In a letter to Ken, Sally Curly of HPBC confirms that there is £20,000 of106 money from the Templemore estate waiting to be spent.      This cannot be used for a grant but for infrastructure or facilities.     Ideas to the next meeting.






Ken said he would speak to the Headteacher regarding out of hours access for the community.





Blue Lagoon

Paul reported back on a meeting that he and Ken and Lyn Stone had attended.  Some progress has been made by the Councils in speaking with the owners’ solicitors.   The Bond is being pursued.         The numbers of people visiting the area has reduced, however residents are urged to continue to record incidents and let Paul know.    





Ward Boundaries

The Local Government Boundary Commission is reviewing Borough Council ward boundaries with a view to evening up wards in population.   Comments on ward boundaries and also on the size of the Borough Council (currently 43 members) can be made to the LGBC by 2nd September.    Responses to reviews@lgbce.org.uk






Copies of the Constitution had been circulated.   To be discussed at a future meeting.





Hall Bank Trust

Noted that Hall Bank Trust can grant aid events for older people.





Date of next meeting:  Tuesday 27th August at 7.30 pm at the Hoffman Bar


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