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Welcome to the Harpur Hill Residents’ Association  website.

The Association is an apolitical group of local residents which was formed to promote a safe and healthy local community; enhance the provision of social, economic, educational and recreational facilities and thereby improve the condition of life for the inhabitants of Harpur Hill and the surrounding area.   Please do support any initiatives and consultations as only in this way can we make our views felt and achieve our objectives. 

Meetings are normally held on the last Wednesday of each month. This is the occasion when all have the opportunity to put forward ideas, air complaints and give support thus ensuring the complete openness of all our workings.

Harpur Hill is a community, and we hope the website will  make a positive contribution to strengthen the community spirit , and bring forward  social and sporting activities. 

We went online in July 2013, we welcome contributions of every . 


It has been noted that Hereford Road is being used as a rat-run, speeding cars endangering the lives of the elderly and children. Can we ask drivers to use this route with more awareness  and consideration for others



                                                         Newsletter No. 3  click on link to download

newsletter no.3.pdf


Our AGM  will take place on 

28th June at 7.30pm.


All Welcome

minutes from the last meetings

minutes 26Oct16.doc

25 May 2016.doc

The Association urgently needs volunteers to help and be actively involved in its events 

Broadband in Harpur Hill. If you are in an area with poor broadband coverage  register on  http://www.vispa.net/wireless-register-interest.php  if sufficient numbers register they will undertake a survey of the area. Thanks to Alex Hewish for the information


 Defibrillator now in place at Parks Inn, Harpur Hill



       Pictures from this years     

             St. Valentine's  Disco          




   click here for minutes of previous meetings

27apr16 mins.doc

HHRA AGM 30 March 2016.doc

HHRA Ordinary Meeting 30 March 2016.doc

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HHRA Ord meeting Oct 2015 (1).doc


Newsletter No.2 click on link

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minutes of the 24th June meeting

0615 minutes.doc

Minutes from meeting 27th May 2015


Minutes from meeting 29th April 2015


Minutes from meeting and AGM 25th March 2015
AGM250315 minutes.doc

Agenda for this year's AGM

Youngsters enjoying our St.Valentines disco



Results of our survey 2013
Survey results_2013.docx

Minutes from 25th February meeting
25th Feb minutes.doc

Newsletter No.1
newsletter No 1.pdf

Committee Meeting
11th February 7.30 pm The Parks.

The 25th March Ordinary Meeting will also be the AGM 

Minutes of the last meeting
HHRA_mins._28th Jan_,15.doc

Minutes of the meeting 26th November, 2014

Minutes of the meeting 24th September, 2014
2409 HHRA_Ord_meeting.doc

Minutes of the 30th July meeting


Minutes of planning committee re Dalby Rd/Heathfield Nook application

notes from committee meeting 16th July

minutes of the last meeting
HHRA Ord meeting 25th June 2014.doc

Two items regarding the appeal to the Planning Inspectorate of the application for the Heathfield Nook site.

letter from planning regarding the appeal  click here
appeal for heatfield nook.pdf

A free Booklet "Guide to taking part in planning appeals" is available, if you would like a copy please contact me; or alternatively through 'publications' on the PlanningInspectorate's website www.planningportal.gov.uk/pcs.
If you wish to receive a copy of the appeal decision you must write to the Planning Inspectorate and ask for one (address in paragraph 3), quoting the Planning Inspectorate's reference APP/H1 033/A114/2213777.
Moya PhillipsPlanning Officer
When calling please telephone 01298 28400 ext 3639
Email: moya.phillips@highpeak.gov.uk

Buxton Carnival

Committee meeting 18th June, 2014 click link for notes of meeting

Minutes of the meeting with Andrew Bingham 28th May, 2014

Notes from the committee meeting 21st May, 2014 click link below
_21_MAY_l_2014 HHRA_Committee_meeting.doc

The last meeting aroused much interest and concern over  the new proposals for the Cowdale quarry site as outlined by Phil Jones. Below are links to the minutes of that meeting, a quick link to enable you to lodge your objections to the proposal, and a link to the New Local Plan which is in consultation.  Please let the Council know what you think, it can be easily done from the comfort of your computer terminal at home or in the library.  

link for the Local Plan



The results of our survey can be found following this link
http://btckstorage.blob.core.windows.net/site9960/Results_HHRA_2013 survey.docx

links for the agenda for the AGM, and the minutes of last year's meeting.



Great news on Heathfield Nook planning application

http://btckstorage.blob.core.windows.net/site9960/result of planning meeting.pdf

Two New Links that we all need to follow

Development Control Committee | High Peak Borough Council

High Peak Meetings

     A useful link when preparing a letter regarding a planning application

Our letter to The Buxton Advertiser

Dear Sir

Much has been said in these pages, both for and against,  proposed developments in Harpur Hill. In amongst all the noise how do you make your views heard? Well you can write to Jane Colley at HIGH PEAK  BOROUGH COUNCIL,( refer to planning application HPK/2013/0533( for the Heath Field Nook site) or HPK/2013/0603 (for Foxlowe Farm).   You can give your right to reply on- line or leave a response at the Harpur Hill Residents Association  web site. (There will be a 'standard letter' for those who want to complete, coming soon).

Alternatively you can come to one of our meetings,; we will be using these to collect the views of residents to feed them back to the council. We will be meeting at the Harpur Hill Hoffman Bar social club at 7.30 tonight (21st of November) to purely discuss developments; or you are welcome to come to our main monthly meeting on Tuesday the 26th of November; again at the Harpur Hill Club. Please come along; It is important that everyone gets a chance to comment and we will pass on any opinions to the council. 

For Further Details please visit us on 'Harpur Hill Residents Association'
Facebook page or go to our 'Harpur Hill Residents Association' website. 

Yours Sincerely 

Peter Sloan
Harpur Hill Residents Association

Most successful Halloween Party, Ever!  

Many thanks to all parents and children who attended the Halloween Party on Wednesday 30th October at Harpur Hill Primary School and ensured an absolutely FANTASTIC evening for all. 
None of this would have been possible without the enthusiastic band of volunteers whose  outstanding effort ensured the success of the evening - to you all a massive 'thank you'.

Keeping checking the website to more exciting future events being planned by the association.




Other images
Images of the village
This big kiln wasn't exactly low-key. At a height above sea level of around 1250ft, it could be seen for miles and dominated the Buxton suburb of Harpur Hill until its closure in 1944. The quarry was named after the kiln, which was unusual. The owners were I.C.I. Mond Division. The railway to the right is a surviving section of the Cromford & High Peak Rly. (TM Collection)

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